The Percentage Clock-Calendar


Designed and built by David Alderoty, July 2009.  Phone (212) 581-3740


This website provides an online clock-calendar, with an unusual design and unique features.  For information and instructions, scroll all the way down, beneath the clock-calendar.  



  The one-month calendar, below, updates itself every month.  



What is the Percentage Clock-Calendar


This website contains an online clock-calendar that keeps track of time, in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.  This includes date and time which are displayed in military and conventional formats.  This clock-calendar also presents time in unusual ways, involving the percent of the day, month, and year that is gone and remaining.  It provides over 20 redoubts, plus a one-month calendar that up dates itself on the first of every month.  All the red numbers and words on this website are the readouts of the Percentage Clock-Calendar, and they will change with time.



The purpose of The Percentage Clock-Calendar

The Percentage Clock-Calendar was constructed primarily for demonstration purposes, with an interesting and colorful layout.  If you want practical clocks, calendars, project sheets, schedule planners, and information on time management, left click on these words, to go to the main website.



The date and time displayed by the Clock- Calendar is the time that you open this website, unless you updated the time.  To update the time press one of the update buttons.  Two of these buttons are located near the top of the Calendar-Clock, and another button is on the bottom.


My Name is David Alderoty, and I Designed and Built This Website and the Percentage Clock-Calendar

I can design user-friendly software based Clock-Calendars, TimeSheet-Calculators, and various types of calculation devices, to precise specifications.  This also includes online communication forms, websites, and advanced calculators for algebra, trigonometry, correlations, calculus, etc.  I write instructions for the devices I build.  

I can provide the services mentioned above, based on permanent or temporary employment.  My resume is online at:  A list of my websites is at  If you need my services, you can call me at (212) 581-3740.  You can e-mail me  You can also send your message in a website communication form, by left clicking on the blue words: WEB FORM. My address is 345 W. 50th St., APT 10D New York, NY 10019. 

If you are a great distance from my locality, or are in a foreign country, this is not important.  I can provide these services worldwide, because the software and websites I make can be delivered through the Internet to any locality.